Your PenTest Tools Arsenal v.2015 – Survey

In 2014 we had our very first “Your PenTest Tools Arsenal” survey. We’ve placed the results in an infographic that can be seen HERE. Now we’re running “Your Pentest Tools Arsenal – v.2.0” – 2015 Survey  — a survey designed to help generate a list of the penetration testing tools most commonly used by security professionals. The goal of the survey is to introduce other security professionals and InfoSec community members to new penetration testing tools.


When it comes to penetration testing, every security professional has his own strategy, tactics and habits. However, the penetration testing tools that he uses are of equal importance. The landscape of penetration testing tools is constantly expanding and changing. Because new tools are frequently emerging on top of the existing tools, building your arsenal of pentest tools has become more challenging.

The survey will be open for ~45 days. Once the survey is closed, we’ll publish the results as an infographic.


Copyright: Creative Commons Licence.

To see or use the results, you can access this LINK. To see summary, use this LINK.

P.S. We would greatly appreciate if you share the survey with other Security Professionals through Blogs, Forums, Social Networks and so on. Thank You!


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