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If you’re an information security professional that perform workshops at InfoSec conferences, this article is worth reading.

Everybody likes InfoSec Conferences. They are the best and biggest opportunity to get in touch with the latest findings at first hand, receive great training sessions, meet security professionals, share information, network and have a great time. These are the main reasons people attend infosec conferences and there is no great infosec conferences without a hands-on workshop.

As an instructor, preparing the workshop course is not an easy task, especially when you really want to impress your attendants through your techniques, strategies or scripts and give them a pleasant workshop experience. Topics research, course design and PoC (Proof of Concept) implementations take time, resources and dedication. Awesome workshop experiences assure that your attendees spread the word about your trainings and that brings more people over the next workshop. That’s what makes you a great infosec instructor.

Aside from all the above, what makes a great workshop experience is the way hands-on trainings are provided to your attendees. When we talk about information security web applications or networks security where students have to perform bruteforce, MiTM, pivoting, sniffing or similar tasks, they are usually asked to bring, install and be prepared for different requirements. Bellow are some examples taken from different information security conferences workshops:

Student Requirements:

Students are required to bring 2 VMs (Win7 64bit SP1 and Kali). Don’t start installing the VMs yet. The trainer will send out detailed instructions to set up the VMs a few weeks before the training.
It is recommended to bring notepads to take notes.

* Laptop with at least two (2) USB ports.
* Latest VMware Player, VMware Workstation, or VWware Fusion installed. Other virtualization software such as Parallels or VirtualBox will probably work if the attendee is familiar with its functionality. However, VMware Player should be prepared as a backup.
* Ability to disable all security software on their laptop such as Antivirus and/or firewalls (Administrator).
* At least twenty (20) GB of hard drive space.
* At least four (4) GB of RAM.

Tools: Students will be required to bring their own laptops for the class. Laptops will need a VMWare Workstation or VirtualBox installation with an install of Windows (XP or higher) as the guest OS prior to the class. All other tools will be provided.

In a perfect hands-on workshop, students should just take a seat, power-on their laptop and connect to your lab where everything is set up and each students gets his own lab.

Having such infrastructure for your workshop labs, is hard and time consuming to design, build and deploy. Not to mention the costs to keep it running flawlessly.

CTF365 LABS-Sponsorship

For this reason CTF365 gives you the perfect security training labs for free for your information security workshop conference so you can deliver perfect training sessions to your attendees. All your students have to do is just power on their laptops and access the lab via web browser or SSH. That’s It!

Fully customizable, full control, easy to deploy and easy to use. To find out more about why and how CTF365 Security Training Labs on Demand can improve your attendees’ workshop experience you can visit CTF365 Labs.

About: CTF365 is a top notch Security Training Platform for the IT industry with a focus on Security Professionals, System Administrators and Web Developers that offers five stars services.

The Platform implements CTF concepts and leverages gamification mechanics to improve retention rates and speed up the learning/training curve.

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