CTF365: Why It Rocks – Two Years Startup Journey

The concept that drives CTF365 was inspired by the Internet, guided by capture the flag (CTF) competitions, and specially crafted for the ITC industry. CTF365 provides a platform where users and teams can train and improve their offensive and defensive security skills.

At CTF365, our goal is to provide a security training platform that simulates the real-world Internet. Through this approach, we’re able to provide security professionals, system administrators, and students with a place where they can convert theoretical knowledge into practical training. In addition, web developers can leverage CTF365’s user base to help discover vulnerabilities in their web applications. This helps web developers write security conscious code and produce safer web applications.

Why It Rocks:

Free Access to “Vulnerable by Design – In The Cloud”

“We believe that entry level resources should be open and free of charge for anyone who wants to dive into the InfoSec industry. Through this, we think we can make the Internet a little bit safer.”

CTF365’s Basic account holders receive free access to some of the most popular vulnerable-by-design servers and web applications available. This includes Metasploitable2 from Rapid7/Metasploit, bWAPP from Malik Mesellem, HacmeBank and HacmeCasino from McAfee/FoundStone. In the future, we’ll be adding more goodies designed for security newcomers.

By adding these components to our free penetration testing lab, we want to help security newcomers and ethical hacking beginners find their way into the security industry as qualified security professionals.

Also, because we were accepted into the Microsoft BizSpark startup program, CTF365 members can now train with Windows Server 2008 and Windows XP for FREE. These are the same operating systems that HacmeBank and HacmeCasino are deployed on.

If you’re an InfoSec instructor or teacher, feel free to use these applications in the cloud to create webcasts and teach your students. We also encourage screencasters to create video tutorials with them. All we ask is that you don’t forget to share your creations and experiences with us. We’d love to hear about them.

CTF365 Helps Open Source Projects to improve their Security:

When open source projects are in scope, CTF365 can be used as a web testing platform to help find security issues. We’ve already made it public and invited all Open Source founders to use it. You can read the announcement HERE.

Improving InfoSec Trainings Core Capabilities for Companies/Organizations

Today’s penetration/testing labs are used for many reasons. Trainers use them to teach information security to students, security software companies use them to provide product training to customers, security professionals use them to test new tools and tactics, and system administrators use them to practice defensive security. The list goes on but, ultimately, it’s evident that penetration testing labs play an important role in security education and training.

By adding CTF365 as a layer to your penetration testing lab, you’ll provide your users with an experience that is more engaging and entertaining. Also, because of its continuous user presence and constantly changing environment, CTF365’s design is more dynamic than conventional penetration testing labs.



We’ve created a flexible infrastructure that allows users to create their own infrastructure. CTF365’s platform flexibility also allows users to connect their existing infrastructure whenever and wherever needed.

Who CTF365 is for (but not limited to):

  • Security Training Companies – educational, continuous training, learning, and improvement
  • InfoSec Vendors (Cisco, McAfee, Rapid7, etc.) – product testing through gamification and crowdsourcing
  • InfoSec Organizations (OWASP, ENISA, etc.) – improving and increasing Internet security awareness
  • InfoSec Conferences – entertaining, challenging, and community driven
  • Security Management Companies – continuous training and improvement
  • Red, Blue, CERT/CSIRT Teams
  • Information Security Recruiters
  • CS Faculties – educational, challenging, and hands-on
  • Web Development Companies – improving and training for defensive security
  • Web Hosting Companies – defensive security training
  • Data Centres

Two Years Startup Journey:


In November 2012 we made our first announcement about CTF365. It’s been two amazing years of dedication and development, disappointment and excitement, and fails and achievements. Best bumpy ride ever. Aside from a great team and our determination to do the right thing, one thing stood out – The InfoSec Community.

Screenshot from 2014-10-26 12:29:52

On behalf of the CTF365 Team, I’d like to thank all of the community members who trusted and supported us. Thanks to those of you who didn’t trust us but supported us anyways. And thanks to those of you who bullied us. You drove us and made us committed to success. Thank you all.

About CTF365: CTF365 it’s a top notch Security Training Platform for IT industry with a focus on Security Professionals, System Administrators and Web Developers that offers five stars services. The Platform implements CTF concepts and leverages gamification mechanics to improve retention rates and speed up learning/training curves when it comes to Information Security.

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