bWAPP in the Cloud

Marius Corici

Lazy (energy efficient) entrepreneur: Thinking a lot to do less, preserving energy, providing simplicity.

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5 Responses

  1. Cami Brasher says:

    Sorry, I don’t have almost $50 to give you a month for what was supposed to be free. Seriously guys?

  2. BadTasTe says:

    What a useless comment from someone who doesn’t even know to read….
    Don’t pay intention to him, you are doing a great job @ CTF365, i’m totally with you.

    I can’t support CTF365 this month but i will for the next month.

    Keep it on guys and keep growing 🙂

  1. 18/10/2014

    […] users can start to “play” with “Metasploitable In The Cloud“, “bWAPP In The Cloud“, “HacmeCasino and HacmeBank” after setup their VPN. You can read down bellow […]

  2. 16/07/2015

    […] already have Metasploitable and bWAPP in the cloud. Now we have more great news for CTF365 free account members. As we promised, […]

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