Metasploitable In The Cloud

Marius Corici

Lazy (energy efficient) entrepreneur: Thinking a lot to do less, preserving energy, providing simplicity.

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14 Responses

  1. ZeroCool says:

    Please , even conected a VPN i cant acces metsploit on cloud.

  2. ZeroCool says:

    Even after conected a VPN , i cant reach metasploitable.ctf. The only host reachable for me is the router.

  3. huffao says:


    I’m using Kali Linux and OpenVPN, and I’m facing the same issue as ZeroCool.

    I see the tun0 up, and I can ping the router ( However, I cannot access, not even ping it.

    I have all files (client.conf, auth-user-pass.conf, cert files) at the same folder, and I’m running “openvpn –config client.conf”.


  4. huffao says:

    Thanks! It works with the IP addresses.


  5. Anon says:

    The domains (or DNS service) is not working for me… But on the IP’s and you’ll have all kinds of vulnerable apps. Sooo Nice!

    As far I can see we’ve got:

    Metasploitable 2

    Of course after being connected to the provided CTF365 VPN. Great platform!

  6. Subash says:

    I have installed the OpenVPN client in the windows, but I don’t know how to connect with metasploitable. Is there any blogs or videos for this?

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