Setting up CTF365 VPN for Mac Users

This guide will teach Mac OS X users how to connect to the CTF365 VPN. If you’re a Linux user, you can follow our video tutorial here. If you’re using Windows, we recommend that you use OpenVPN as your VPN client; but you can use whatever floats your boat.

If you confirmed your CTF365 account after registering, you should see that VPN menu into your dropdown menu


Click on it to download your VPN files. Once you click, you’ll get this window bellow


=== Version 1 ===

Step 1.
Go to and download the latest version (you can try the beta, but it’s not recommended).

Step 2.
When opening the .dmg file, open the installer. It will present you with an authentication window, so it can install itself.

Step 3.
After installing, you will be presented with a window that tells you there are no configurations installed. Click “I have configuration files”. On the second menu click “OpenVPN Configuration(s)”. On the third one, just click “Done”.

Step 4.
On the desktop, you will find a folder called “Empty Tunnelblick VPN Configuration”. Open it, and copy all of the things you downloaded from the website (client.conf, ta.key, ca.crt, cl1.crt cl1.key, auth-user-pass.conf) into it. Rename the folder into “ctf354.tblk'”, and double click it, to open it in Tunnelblick.

Step 5.
When trying to connect, it might say that it cannot install the connection. If that is the case, move at the “auth-user-pass.conf” file to some other directory, and modify “client.conf” to point to the correct path.

=== Version 2 ===

Step 1.
Go to and download the latest version. Install the app.

Step 2.
Create a new folder on the desktop and proceed to copy all of the files downloaded from the website into that folder, like we tried in the first version, step 4.

Step 3.
Double-click “client.conf” and use the username and password combination found in the “auth-user-pass.conf” file when prompted.

In case you have other method, we’d be happy to hear about it.

Stay secure while having fun.



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