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After a long delay, we proudly announce that CTF365 has finally started its Alpha Stage. The initial release took us much longer than we expected, and the amount of designing, redesigning, thinking, rethinking and work was tremendous. Frustration and unforeseen obstacles arose along the way. For example, among other things, one bug we had to find and fix on our backend delayed release by 6 months. This will tend to happen when you’re a startup in bootstrap mode.

Who get access to Alpha

– All users that got 10 or 15 referrals; by getting 10-15 referrals they proved their interest for CTFs and CTF365 in particular. For that, besides our thanks to you guys, you earned Alpha Stage access. We hope we’ll be able to impress you. Those of you who tried to get  10-15 fake referrals, don’t worry, you’ll have no access unless you get the real ones. As we’ve told you before, there are some filters to determine the difference between fake and real referrals. 🙂


Starting as of November 6th 2013, we will be suspending our referral access service.

Who else can get access to Alpha

– Security Management Companies

– Infosec instructors/teachers.

-CERT/CSIRT instructors and team members, Blue and Red Teams (infosec industry)

– InfoSec training companies

– Web Developing Companies

– Web Hosting Companies

– Data Centers

Alpha stage is for information security company representatives, computer security faculty, companies that have information security departments that need continuous training, infosec conferences organizers, CERT/CSIRT as well as any organization such OWASP or infosec focused to test and see how CTF365 can help them.

Want CTF365 Alpha Access?

Just send us an email with Subject line: “Request Alpha Stage Access” at support [at] ctf365 [dot] com telling us about you, and more importantly about your work as an information security professional, web developer or system administrator and why you want to join Alpha/Beta and we’ll activate your access if we find there to be just reason for this to be beneficial for our Alpha stage.

How long will last Alpha Stage

If everything goes smoothly, within a month or two, we’ll move into Beta.

Stay secure while having fun

Marius Corici

Lazy (energy efficient) entrepreneur: Thinking a lot to do less, preserving energy, providing simplicity.

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11 Responses

  1. Chad says:

    Hi, I’m a web developer actively employed by http://www.fuzzproductions.com and I’m wondering if I can sign-up for CTF365?

    • marius.corici says:

      Hi Chad, glad you stop by. Please send an email to support [at] ctf365 [dot] com and we’ll analyse. Just create an account and a team on CTF365.com and insert into your email too.

  2. Aki says:

    Hi, can’t we enjoy anything without alpha stage on this site? If it is so, how can we start it ? By sending e-mail? or Sending e-mail after 10 referrals(i don’t know how to proof it?) ?

    • marius.corici says:

      We work on it to offer some worldwide well known vulnerable machines. Keep an eye on it. The referral campaign has ended when we entered to Alpha.

  3. Andrea says:

    I’m a IT Security passionate and I work as a SYSADMIn at Sabicom Srl
    I’m wondering if I can sign-up for CTF365

    • marius.corici says:

      Sure thing Andreea. Now we got in Public Beta and there is a Free Account where you can train your hacking skills on “Vulnerable by Design” servers like Metasploitable, bWAPP, HacmeBank and HacmeCasino.

      Have fun.

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