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I’ve been lucky enough to get an interview about CTF365 with Top 5 Gamification expert Yu-kai Chou where he asked me about our project and where I see our project going in the near future. You can read the article HERE.

He is the one who framed Octalysis: Complete Gamification Framework. According to the Yu-kai Octalysis Framework, CTF365 will have 4 Core Drives and one of them is the Accomplishment Core where Badges are. CTF365 is a brand new project and we are trying to make it one of a kind. Below I gladly present to you our CTF365 badges.

Skills Badges

Purpose: These badges prove what hacking skills the user has.

Who can hold Skills Badges? Any user that achieves security assessments on our special pre-built servers and/or networks.

Getting Skills Badges: The Badges can be held by users after they carry out specific hacking assessments on our pre-built hacking servers and/or networks.

Who can assign Skills Badges? Only CTF365 administrators can assign Skills Badges after review user’s submission.

Type of Skills Badges: Sniffing, BruteForce, Crypto, Command & Control, SQLi, XSS, Deface etc.

Example of Skills Badges:



Certificate Badges

Purpose: These badges prove what security certificate the user holds.

Getting Certificate Badges: These badges can be assigned only if the user proves that he holds one of them (not necessary to be renewed). The user can request to be verified for his security professional certificate. Our team will do a manual check.

Who can assign Certificate Badges:  Only CTF365 administrators can assign Certificate Badges after reviewing a user’s submission.



Team Winning Badges

Purpose: These badges prove what campaigns the teams/users have won.

Who can hold Winning Badges? Any team that has won a campaign (including every user from that team), and every user that has individually won a campaign.

Who can assign Winning Badges? Only CTF365 administrators can assign winning badges after reviewing a team or user’s submission.




Please remember that these badges are examples and in time we’ll decide what skills to award on CTF365 competitions.
Any questions? Glad to answer. 🙂

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