Shout Out Your Frustration or Start Helping Us

It was September 2012 when we started to build CTF365. Our goal was a platform that would change the way CTFs are played and more, a better alternative for people who want to learn, train and improve their information security skills. A place where security professionals, security students, wannabe hackers, system administrators and programmers can play and compete against others, having fun, gaining points, prizes and a reputation for their skills.

As we looked at our resources, we thought that we would be ready to launch no later than the end of 2012. We were so thrilled and we were so wrong. We were so sure that by the end of 2012 CTF365 would be up and running that we would have set up a countdown clock on our landing page. New years eve passed, March 2013 has gone too (the new release date) and here we are in July 2013 and we still haven”t started yet.

Sitting on our side (people behind CTF365), you would be surprised how many obstacles we had to overcome so far. Unforeseeable things starting from technical ones, to financial, to human resources and ending up with having to cut loose our CTO. Great guy but he had other priorities.
These obstacles have still not passed. No, no, no, still happening as we speak. Yesterday for example we had a meeting to talk about what we will start with and how (yes, we’re closer than ever but I ain’t gonna tell you). So whoever said “good things don’t come cheap” was so right. A startup project represents a continuous challenge up to the day it becomes an “overnight success” (usually takes three years).
Some of the registered users send us emails expressing their support and the will to help us with their technical skills in order to speed up the -gone by now- launching date. Regarding technical help with programming and stuff, we got tired too. To many people offer to get involved to help with programming, but when it comes to deliver they’re nowhere. Just a few deserve our full appreciation and when we’ll start to hire, I would love to have them on board.

Coming back to this article’s title, sitting on your side as an early adopter user, all you see is that we broke our promised launching date not once, but twice and you feel like you’re entitled to scream and shout: “Why the fuck they haven’t launched yet?” God, we wish it would be that easy. Those of you who work on projects that are disruptive to different fields in this world will understand.

For those of you who still shout, you’ve got to know and understand few things:AlecBaldwin-Frustrated

We do it with passion, we do it because we know we can and we do it with self funding (bootstrap). If we had money for this project, trust me, it would have been out since day 1 as we’ve said.
You don’t help any of us if you shout because we haven’t launched yet. On the contrary, you might hurt others that are patiently waiting.
What I really don’t get is that out there are games that delayed their launch day by years, not months, and when they launched, they did a great job. Seeing them and reading about them (they are not the only ones) we’re not that worried. Another thing that I don’t understand is that we’ve fed you with screen shots of our work proving to you that we’re alive and hard working under the hood and some of you keep on screaming: “Why the fuck you haven’t launched yet?”

Well folks, you have two options: Keep screaming and shoutingn or start helping us.

Want to really help us making this happened? Have the same faith for CTF365 as we have. Start getting real referrals by sending emails to your friends asking them to join you and not fake ones. Start spreading the word to the world about the game. Write about CTF365 on your blog about how cool is and how much you want in. Spread the word on sysadmin and hacking forums. Bring some good well known infosec writers and editors to tell our story and write about it. Start using all the connections that you have and make this a big event.

Be part of it… .

P.S. Take a look at the Wikipedia page about Half-Life which had an eight-year development period.

Any questions? Glad to answer. 🙂

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Lazy (energy efficient) entrepreneur: Thinking a lot to do less, preserving energy, providing simplicity.

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