CTF365 Updates

Marius Corici

Lazy (energy efficient) entrepreneur: Thinking a lot to do less, preserving energy, providing simplicity.

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6 Responses

  1. erdem says:

    how about old referrals, I had referred to tens of friend and all my team learned the ctf365 from me.

    • marius.corici says:

      All the referral should work fine. Cookies are set to last 30 days. Within this period anyone who came from your referral should be refer to your account.

  2. Hemant says:

    is this site only for hackers?? ..
    i’m a beginner ..
    So What are the requirements for joining this ?

  3. allan says:

    Hi there, is this project only for sysadmins and hackers?
    i am a begigner i don’t know if this is suitable for me as an apprentice. thanks in advance. PS i love the project.

  4. Marc says:

    In the rules, reference is made to a server with specific requirements to be defended by each team. Is this server something that the team needs to host and provision, or will it be provided as part of CTF365?

    • marius.corici says:

      Hey Marc,

      We’ll provide the server (VPS) but we intend in the future to let users connect their own hardware/servers

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