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Introducing Student Security Training Program

May 27, 2014

This article is for information security and network security teachers, students who want to become security professionals or system administrators, and university representatives whose university offers information security or network security courses. Cyber security has become a global affair, reaching nations in every corner of the world. As a result, the entire world must make preparations at the earliest stage [...]


CTF365 – How and What To Do

October 29, 2013

How to and what to do: Starting with Beta, there are some changes like ALL registered (and email confirmed ) users gets VPN access, but not all users can build a fortress. All registered users can start to “play” with “Metasploitable In The Cloud” after setup their VPN. You can read down bellow (pct. 4) [...]


Hattrick CTF Competition – Free Access

September 2, 2014

We all love CTFs competitions because it is challenging, fun, improve your hacking skills and bond new friendships. After First Blood and Double Kill, we proudly announce Hattrick.   Difficulty Grade: Beginner/Intermediate Format: Team Based Starting Date: October 17 2014 15:00 UTC Ending Date: October 19 2014 15:00 UTC Rules: Yet to come   Hattrick [...]


Hacker’s Dome – Double Kill | The Winners

August 27, 2014

First, I’d like to apologise for the long wait. If there’s someone to blame, than that’s me. Unfortunately, some things wont go as planned. The winners are as follows: 1st Place – Team dcua with 26618.2 points 2nd Place – Team L0lzSecta (lm456nwifn’s one man army) with 32863.6 points 3rd Place – _JogiT4_ (single player) [...]


Hacker’s Dome – Double Kill | The Official Writeup

August 20, 2014

Download links for the machine images: ctf02-01 ctf02-02 We recommend running the machine images inside of VirtualBox, which is the supervisor that we used to create the challenges. Installing and running these images should be trivial. The credentials for accesing the machines are (updated on 22nd of August, 2014): ctf02-01: ubuntu with 4;9M3kr%5jn0otCca>]eVO.,Vog>ml7[ ctf02-02: root with 7m[Y5TNz’)6`|@p:JLP”A\#M*6


Win2k8, WinXP, HacmeBank & HacmeCasino – Free Account

August 5, 2014

When you’re trying to get involved in the information security industry and become a security professional, having access to a fully functional penetration testing lab is critical. The pentest lab is where you’ll develop your skills, learn new tactics, and expand your knowledge. Setting up a pentest lab, however, can be both challenging and expensive. That’s why we created the [...]


Double Kill CTF Competition – The Rules

July 26, 2014

  Art. 1 “Double Kill” is an offensive CTF (Capture The Flag) competition in which competitors are ranked based on their individual/team skill level and their ability to use their professional skills in compliance with applicable legislation and international Internet communications regulations. The competition’s difficulty level has been designed for participants of beginner and intermediate [...]

Windows-Server-2012 CTF365 Logo

Microsoft Products Are Here

July 10, 2014

When we started to build our security training platform, one of our core objectives was to make the platform flexible. We wanted to provide our users with the flexibility and convenience of connecting their own fortresses (servers) regardless of their location, operating system, cloud solution, private machine, and pentest lab setup. We’re proud to announce that we delivered on our promise [...]


Ruby on Rails Internship

July 7, 2014

“Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?” Steve Jobs to Pepsi executive John Sculley Looks like we grow faster than anticipated which is a good thing for two reasons: for us as a startup project, and for some [...]


How to set up VPN on Android

June 20, 2014

This guide will teach you how to connect to the CTF365 VPN from your Android smartphone or tablet. If you don’t already have a CTF365 account, you can create one for free here. IMPORTANT – Your Android device must be rooted to complete this tutorial. If you don’t know how to root your device, there [...]


Hacker’s Dome – Double Kill | FREE Access

June 16, 2014

CTF competitions are the perfect excuse to get together and hack at will. They’re also an entertaining and hands-on way to learn security. As you all know, we created Hacker’s Dome as a place for CTF365 users to play weekend CTFs with great prizes. In order to get access to Hacker’s Dome, the first thing you need [...]


Hacker’s Dome | The Raffle

June 9, 2014

As you already know, Hacker’s Dome – First Blood CTF competitions had an awesome raffle where the King Prize was a Full Year Metasploit Pro License followed by 4 Rasberry Pi, and 20 Hat + T-shirt sets . Here’s the winners for First-Blood The Raffle:   Bellow you have the recorded Hacker’s Dome First Blood [...]

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